The Wake Up with Clark Williams – Edelen for Governor Interview

May 5, 2019

With so much news, centering around the Mueller report and the 2020 presidential race, many Kentuckians, have forgotten that we have a statewide primary on May 21st to decide the party nominations for Governor and other statewide offices.

My guest is Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Adam Edelen.

He will talk with us about why we should vote for him and send him on to the November general election.

We are also joined by political strategist, Christian Motley, who will give us his opinion on what Edelen needs to do to win this primary and what we could expect from him if he were to move on and win the Governor’s race in November.

The WakeUP is brought to us by Central Kentucky’s Waffle House franchisee – LexiDan Foods.

For more information on the Edelen campaign for Kentucky Governor: