The Death of the Conscious Community: A Post-Mortem Analysis

Published in the January 2017 print edition of The Key Newsjournal
By Dr. Wesley Muhammad

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad

2016 refused to exit before claiming another life, by sticking her stiletto heel into the temple of the already dying Black Conscious Community and officially ending it. We must now make an honest assessment and do a fearless post-mortem analysis of the Black Conscious Community.

I have been an inside, public, participant-CRITIC of the so-called Conscious Community since 2009. I have called out the low scholarly standard – too often we prefer exoticism over sound methodology; called out the lack of integrity and the acceptance of fakery – people falsely claiming degrees, titles, and credentials and there was no protest from the community, yet many in the community mocked me for actually getting a real doctorate from a real Division I-A university – “the white man’s school” – and then, when a whole host of fake “Dr.s” popped up, the community gave them a pass and even praise; called out, worst of all, the niggafication of Black intellectuality – yes, straight niggafication. While personally criticized for those critiques then and charged with being on some “arrogant *ish”, many of those critiques are now commonly accepted and heard from many.

I therefore humbly offer this contribution to the Post-Morten Report. I put the demise of the so-called Conscious Community squarely on two shoulders: 1.) the shoulders of the male leaders of my generation and 2.) the Elders.

My generation of Black Male Leadership, particularly in the so-called Conscious/Black Power/Revolutionary community, is the most ego-DRIVEN and, at the same time, the most EMOTIONAL bunch of male leaders I have personally ever witnessed, and I have been “conscious” for 27 years now.

ALL Men have egos. Yes, Bro Wesley has an ego. I am sincerely striving to not have an ego PROBLEM though. A man who is ego-DRIVEN, whose ego is the CENTER of what he does and how he relates to the world around him, is a huge problem especially if he is in a leadership position and we have a whole lot of that today. This situation is made catastrophically worse when you add emotionalism on top of that ego-centrism. Not passion, emotionalism. I have never seen so many male leaders who are so emotionally undisciplined. It’s effeminate. This marriage of Black male super egos with Black male emotionalism has damned the Black Conscious Community. Such men are like Moon Gods: if they don’t get their way, they are prepared to blow up the whole planet.

But I also blame the Elders. Why? Because too many of them – not all – have remained pathetically silent while my generation is driving their legacy to hell. Not only that: too many have enabled and even co-signed much of this utter madness. I have had Elders tell me privately that they see it but never publicly check it. I have spoken to Elders who enabled pure Niggaism when it served them and then that same pure Niggaism came back to bite them.

The Elders – collectively – of the community have been blatantly remiss of their duty in THIS regard. I understand that of late there have been some attempts at intervention. But it was too little and came too late. The damage was done.

The result? The so-called Conscious/Black Power leadership is straight cannibalizing each other. There seems to be a total lack of civilization and refinement among the LEADERSHIP. This thing was bound to implode.

Furthermore, all of those who are cannibalizing each other have ALL tried to come at the throat of the Honorable Brother Minister Farrakhan (The Minister). It is perfectly legitimate to disagree with The Minister, but the disrespect of this 83-year old Elder with over half a century of committed service should be treated by the community as criminal blasphemy.

Members of the so-called Conscious Black leadership were all given passes, not by the Soldiers with Farrakhan though.

I’m a Farrakhan-Made Man. He teaches us restraint. He teaches us civilization. He teaches us to subordinate our personal ego for the bigger picture, which is why I personally never “clap back” at those who have thrown shots at me and even egregiously disrespected me personally in videos, social media and lectures. In other words, the F.O.I. are taught not only to be Soldiers but also to be LEADERS. We are the OG suit and tie dudes, for sure (since there is so much talk about suits and ties right now). Without restraint, civilization, and the ability to prioritize the bigger picture, you cannot be an effective Black Leader.

So, no, Farrakhan is not simply a Black Leader. He TRAINS and PRODUCES Black Leaders, and Black Redeemers. And when a whole cadre of “Conscious” would-be leaders conspire together to disrespectfully come at an Elder like the Honorable Brother Minister Farrakhan, with his love and his character and his commitment to Black people, the result is inevitable: cannibalism followed by a total leadership vacuum.

Student Minister Dr. Wesley Muhammad is part of the Research Team of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. His website:

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