Lexington Teen alleges sexual assault during ordeal with Glenn Freedom Dodge used car salesman

 Salesman remains out on bond for criminal sexual assault case in Florida

By Patrice K. Muhammad, Key Newsjournal Editor

Posted online Jan. 10, 2018 10:20p; Updated 11:50p

Glenn Freedom Dodge Chrysler Jeep is named as the defendant in a lawsuit filed December 18 in Fayette Circuit Court.

Mariah Monroe, a 19-year-old Black teen, claims to have been assaulted by 60-year-old car salesman Farhad Zaker Haghighi in his cubicle at Freedom Dodge on New Circle Rd., before he drove her off the lot and to a house.

Monroe’s case accuses Glenn Freedom Dodge of negligence in hiring and supervising Farhad Zaker Haghighi who was already involved in a criminal sexual assault case against him in the State of Florida when he assaulted her July 4, 2017.

From the lawsuit: “Had the defendant done a thorough background check through the Administrative Office of the Courts, Public Records of Fayette Circuit Court, Fayette District Court or at least checked out this background of Zaker by way of Google they would have noticed Zaker was arrested by Lexington Police August 8, 2016 on a fugitive warrant out of Florida.”

Lawsuit documents show that a Florida judge issued a warrant on August 4, 2016 indicating Zaker, of Arrowhead Dr. in Lexington, be held without bond and swabbed for DNA in Kentucky based on charges of sexually assaulting a mentally incompetent female.

Farhad Zaker Haghighi in Indian River County Florida mugshot taken 9/27/2016

Indian River, Florida records show Zaker was booked there September 27, 2016 and released the same day on $50,000 bond. The criminal case against him is on-going.

Court documents list names Fred Zaker and Zaker Haghighi as aliases of the alleged perpetrator.

The Lexington lawsuit claims, at the start of her scheduled appointment to buy a used car, Zaker touched Monroe and made unwelcome sexual advances toward her including touches to her leg and feet until she refused him adamantly.

Afterward, Zaker continued the sale in an appropriately professional manner and accompanied Monroe on a test drive of a vehicle without incident. Only once was she uncomfortable during the ride when he began to inquire about her personal life, but he stopped.

Returning to the lot, Monroe was directed by Zaker to park the car in front of the dealership. Inside, Monroe was left alone in Zaker’s office where she made calls to obtain insurance and he worked on her financing.

According to the lawsuit, Zaker returned and instructed Monroe to come with him. They walked outside where he sat in the driver’s seat of the car Monroe test drove and motioned for her to get in. She thought they were moving the car to a parking spot or away from the entrance but Zaker drove off the lot and took her to a home he said he owned.

When Zacker exited the car, Monroe sat put in the front seat. Zacker opened her door and motioned for the teen to get out. Afraid of what he may do if she didn’t, Monroe followed him to the front door. Inside Zacker complimented Monroe’s looks while she avoided getting close to him. He sat down, lighting a cigarette and Monroe made her way to the door but he stood up, telling her no and began to touch her again. In her lawsuit, the teen claims she cried with her face in her hands and Zaker only stopped when her cell phone rang. She answered it and rushed outside. Monroe snapped a picture of the license plate and texted it to her three best friends. One friend texted back that she was calling the police and the management of Freedom Dodge. Another friend sent an anonymous tip to Bluegrass Crime stoppers.

Monroe sat in the car, forcing Zaker to come outside. He drove her back to the dealership. The teen left without purchasing the car and has not returned there or to any other dealership to purchase a car after this ordeal.

Attempts were made to obtain comment from Freedom Dodge. Management referred calls regarding this lawsuit to the Controller. Messages have not been returned.

The criminal assault case against Zaker is on-going.  Florida court records show that Zaker or his attorneys are next due in front of a Florida judge on Jan. 16, 2018.

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