Higgins Waives Preliminary Hearing; Opts for Grand Jury

Published online March 7, 2017 8:28p

Updated March 9, 2017

clr_sasha love higginsLexington Councilwoman Sasha Love Higgins has waived her right to a preliminary hearing and the charges against her will be heard by a grand jury.

Higgins Attorney William Davis appeared with her in court on Thursday, March 9.

“The evidence was merely going to be the testimony of the police officer and no direct evidence,” Davis said exclusively to The Key Newjsournal. “What the police have was obviously enough for probable cause because a citation was issued, the officer would have just repeated what was already in public discourse.”

Davis went on to explain that it takes very little to establish probable cause. He said, “you can use hearsay, suspicion and use rumors to establish probable cause. Instead of taking up the courts time, it was my decision to waive her right and move on the the grand jury. My client concurred.

At a grand jury proceeding, the prosecution outlines its case, police officers testify, and the grand jurors decide if there’s enough reason for an indictment.

On Feb. 28, Davis entered a not guilty plea on behalf of his client, Higgins who is facing several allegations including forgery and identify theft.

A Lexington Police spokesperson said the department received a complaint of identity theft in January which led to an investigation and later the identification of a suspect, Sasha A. L. Higgins.

The Police claim there is evidence to support felony charges of Forgery 2nd, Theft by Deception and Theft of Identity against Ms. Higgins.

Court documents state that a witness recorded a call with Higgins, who was a hotel manager, in which she admitted using the payroll account of someone who no longer worked for the company. Also stated, is confirmation from Higgins employer that 7 payroll checks were processed in the name of the former worker.

Higgins made her only public statement via social media on Feb. 8th. She posted, “I was recently given a citation to appear before court and address the details of this case. I have retained an attorney to assist me with this and look forward to working hard to clear my name.’’

For the second time, the Second District Councilperson faced legal issues while in office. Shevawn Akers, Higgins predecessor , was was accused of ethics violations after she was found guilty of “unsworn falsification to authorities’’ stemming from disputed signatures on her campaign petition. Akers could have been sentenced to 90 days in jail for being found guilty of the Class B misdemeanor but was given a diversion program and is eligible to have the charge expunged.

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