Lexington Fayette Urban County Current Collective Bargaining Agreements

Before the expiration, the city of Lexington will negotiate wages and other conditions of employment of employees in the division of police, fire and corrections.

CBA_LFUCG_Corrections Lieutenants and Captains – June 30 2019

CBA_LFUCG_Police Lieutenants and Captains October 31 2020

CBA_LFUCG_LexingtonPolice Officers and Sergeants Exp June 30 2020

CBA_LFUCG_Firefighters Lieutenants and Captains June 30 2020

CBA_LFUCG_Fire Majors 11 30 2018

CBA_LFUCG_Corrections Officers and Sergeants November 30 2019

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