FCPS closed Friday as teachers head back to Frankfort in protest

Caulk visiting schools in the district on the first day of class in 2015.

(LEXINGTON KY -press release) Students will have Friday off in Fayette County Public Schools, Superintendent Manny Caulk announced Wednesday. The decision to close April 13, 2018 comes in response to requests from employees who would like to advocate for public education as the Kentucky General Assembly winds down its session.

“Our teachers and support staff have answered the call to advocate for students by encouraging our lawmakers to fully fund education and invest in school safety and mental health services,” Caulk said. “I have heard from many of them who want to continue that effort by going to Frankfort on Friday.”

Caulk said the closing schools for the day would allow district employees to raise their collective voices.

“Our nation is built on a commitment to educate every child and there is no better investment in the future of the Commonwealth,” he said. “I believe in public schools. I am a living testament to the difference a great teacher can make in the life of a child and I want that same positive experience for all of our FCPS students.”

Students and families who rely on food backpack programs will receive these services on Thursday, April 12, 2018. Individual schools will send out information about special afternoon and evening student activities like concerts, plays and dances. District honors band will continue as scheduled.

Caulk said he will ask the school board to waive the day for students and keep May 31, 2018 as the last day of school. If approved, graduation would continue as scheduled on May 31 and June 1, 2018. Even without making up the day FCPS students will still have more instructional hours and school days than required by law.

Employees who work year round will still work. Teachers and support staff who work only on days with students will be responsible for making up the work time.