Caulk Releases Action Plan for Fayette County School District

Posted online May 25, 2016 12:25p

Public meeting at Bryan Station High School will provide detailed explanation

By Patrice K. Muhammad

mannyFayette County Public School (FCPS) Superintendent Dr. Emmanuel “Manny’’ Caulk unveiled his Entry Plan on Wednesday, which includes looking at school policies through an “equity lens’’.

The FCPS Board of Education has made an initial investment of $2 million to put this plan in motion. Caulk said a portion of that money will go for College and Career coaches in all 5 high schools within the district.

More teachers will have to be hired over the next four years. The first hires will be for improving teacher student ratio in special education classrooms.

Dr. Caulk announced a reorganization of the school administration however it will have zero budget impact. This will be accomplished by reviewing and redefining job duties of existing staff.

The school district was criticized by the state’s Department of Education for lack of action toward improving long standing problems such as large achievement gaps.

This Superintendent’s Action plan will be available online and the progress toward goals will be transparent. Caulk said there will be no “cherry picking’’, all items in the plan will be addressed.

In an effort toward accountability, Caulk announced a color coding system that will allow the community to see who is responsible for each action item and what step along the way they are until completed. The public can watch the process.

The superintendent announced plans for revamping of the school lunch program, which was met with applause during the press conference.

Caulk said that minority student success and participation in honors programs is a priority. There will be attention given to increasing district spending with minority businesses and an emphasis on community volunteerism within the school system through a partnership with the United Way of the Bluegrass.

The plan has eight specific focus areas:

  • Effective Governance and Leadership
  • Student Success: Educational Excellence and Equity
  • School Management, Improvement, and Innovation
  • Great Staff
  • World-Class Operations
  • Data, Research, and Accountability
  • Student, Family, Community Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
  • Communications and External Affairs

The FCPS Board hired Dr. Caulk in June 2015. He was offered a contract through June 30, 2019 with a starting salary of $240,000. During his interview process, Caulk promised an entry plan but soon after his arrival he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his sinus cavity which required surgery and months of treatment. He is currently cancer free.

A community meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25 at 6 p.m. at Bryan Station High School. Copies of the plan will be available and the Superintendent will go into more detail.

The plan is online at

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