Attempted Voter Suppression over Kentucky House Seat

Jim Glenn

Jim Glenn defeated Republican state Rep. DJ Johnson by one vote in state House District 13. Johnson is challenging the results, asking the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to intervene after election officials recanvassed the votes publicly in November.

The recanvass for Kentucky’s 13th House District covering parts of Daviess County counted and confirmed the will of the voters which was then certified by the Secretary of State.

Glenn opted for an early swear-in and had the oath of office administered by Daviess Circuit Judge Joe Castlen. Most new lawmakers are sworn in on the first day of the legislative session by the state’s chief justice of the Supreme Court however state law allows a person to be sworn in on or before the day they take office.

Rep. Glenn has been acknowledged as Representative and assigned a parking space and attended caucus meetings the first week in January.

The session begins Tuesday, Jan. 8 It is unclear whether the House will seat Glenn or perhaps conduct its own recount.

Kentucky’s House has 61 Republicans and 39 Democrats, but four of those races were decided by fewer than 10 votes.

The Key Newsjournal will update this story if further challenge to Glenn’s seat arises.