Lexington’s Angel Laketa Moore-Tanksley to Appear on ABC’s ‘black-ish’

By Whitney Hale, UKnow

December 30, 2017 – 4:30p

LEXINGTON, Ky. — What does a series of new holiday ads for Gap featuring Janelle Monáe and two episodes of ABC’s award-winning TV show “black-ish” have in common? They all include performances by Fayette County Public Schools and University of Kentucky alumna Angel Laketa Moore-Tanksley.

Moore-Tanksley will play a character “Erica” on the ABC hit. She was excited for the opportunity to work on “black-ish.” “I love the show and the role fit my personality and sense of humor,” said the actress.

Moore-Tanksley filmed two episodes of the ABC comedy will play “Erica” the sister and fill-in for the Johnson family’s regular nanny “Vivian” who was played by actress Regina Hall in 3 episodes.

During her visit home to Lexington for the holiday’s Moore-Tanksley and her husband Marcus spoke with Lezell Lowe and Patrice Muhammad on Key Conversations Radio.

The “black-ish” episodes should run early in January. “One is “Working Girl”, the other is called “Unkept Woman”,” said Moore-Tanksley during her Key Conversations Radio interview which aired Dec. 31, 2017.

The actress, singer and dancer is also host and producer of her own YouTube channel, “That Chick Angel,” where she does daily Vlogs dating back several years before the birth of her first child.

The busy talent started the channel while working on another more personal production — her first child. “I started my channel when I was pregnant with my first son Marcus. My friend Bresha Webb encouraged me to speak on my experience as a pregnant woman.”

Now, Moore-Tanksley shares much of her personal life with her fans. “My channel is based around my life, so my family is a huge part of my channel. The people who watch my channel on a regular basis are very invested in what I do with my family. They are very encouraging and sometimes offer really great advice.”

With her husband, Marcus Tanksley, Angel hosts a couple’s podcast titled “Is This Going to Cause an Argument”.

Marcus Tanksley, who was an electrician, became famous and a fan favorite with his reaction to Angel’s announcement that she was pregnant with twins.

Tanksley said, “It went viral.” Fans of the YouTube channel began asking to see him more, which inspired the podcast which offers the male and female perspective on issues and hot topics.

“Most of the subscribers are women. I tend to offer an honest, unfiltered point of view and a lot of women don’t get chance to hear that,” said Tanksley.

“Unlike many YouTubers I am a trained entertainer. So, while I don’t have the numbers of a big channel, I have the skill set to compensate. When people hire me, they know I will knock it out the park with my charisma, humor and professionalism,” Moore-Tanksley said. “Whenever I get a chance to work with a new company, I make sure that the level of talent and personality that I bring to the job will have them dying to have me work with them again.”

The Lexingtonian raised comedic actress has already taped the Season 4 premier of the TBS hit “Angie Tribeca” starring Rashida Jones.

Moore-Tanksley also is a working stand-up comedian, who has performed at all the major clubs in Los Angeles — Comedy Union, Comedy Store, The Improv and The Laugh Factory. She regularly performs at Flappers in Burbank, California.

For Moore-Tanksley, who appeared on the Guignol Theatre stage many times during her studies at UK, comedy speaks to that part of her as an artist. “Stand up is the closest thing to theater that I get to do currently. I get to interact with audience and receive the immediate gratification of hearing them like a performance. I also have the opportunity to improvise on stage, which has become my secret weapon for every job I book.”

Moore-Tanksley earned her bachelor’s degree in theatre in 2002, an MFA from UC Irvine and UK’s arts administration online master’s degree program in 2015. And true to her multi-tasking success, the actress, singer, dancer, host, comedian, wife and mother of three, including twins, finished her graduate studies with a 4.0 GPA.

The UK alumna, who graduated from Lexington’s School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCAPA) and Lafayette High School, was recruited to attend UK by Buzz Burnam and credits the current chair of UK Department of Theatre and Dance, Nancy Jones, for helping her get started in acting.

“Nancy Jones will forever be my favorite mentor and a great friend to me,” Moore-Tanksley said. “She took me under her wing as a freshman and hired me in my first professional gig in New York. I am eternally grateful to her.”

Key Newsjournal editorial staff contributed to this article.

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