The Next Step

Congratulations Lexington on a job well done! Voters lined up early and voted to back Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. November 5th, we all went back to work, school and our daily grind. The only difference to our daily existence was the feeling of accomplishment and ownership in the win of Obama. Readers of this paper and our editorial page should know that now the real work begins. With the type of system that America has there are certain things that the sheer optimism associated with having a Black president won’t cure. Where optimism will be key, is if we can actually realize what President Elect Obama has promised in his campaign. If we can deal with healthcare in a way where everyone has access, it will be major. If we can make progress in terms of upgrading manufacturing and technology where America can produce efficient goods and get jobs, then that will be a coup.

We have to make Obama accountable to us, like we should have done to President Clinton and all the other Presidents who were elected with our support. We elect leaders, let them do what they want and then we are dissatisfied. Maybe we’ll love President Obama enough to help him be accountable and with our support he could be the best President we’ve ever had.

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