Second Black Student Will Leave Lexington Catholic

Teen will have independent study then plans to withdraw at the end of the school year

By Patrice K. Muhammad, Editor

Published online April 13, 2016 11:08 p.m.

lex cath logo              Following the lead of Denisha Vinegar, a second mother has removed her son from Lexington Catholic high school following a string of threats and intimidation by classmates.

The mother, who did not want her name released, says that she has been in discussion with the administration of Lexington Catholic throughout the year discussing their lack of diversity and its adverse effect on the students and student behavior.

‘’I suggested a Student Diversity Committee and a Diversity Compliance Policy, but none of this has happened,’’ said the mother.

She had already made plans for her son to transfer from Lexington Catholic back into the Fayette County Public School system after trying year where she said her son has been threatened by students to have a cross burned on his lawn and references about picking cotton and slavery made to him.

‘’After I saw the story about Ms. Vinegar, I called the school again. I don’t know her, but our children have had the same experience. [School administrators] said they had retained Dr. Roger Cleveland, so I felt confident that they were making strides in the right direction,’’ said the second mother.

But the following week, it was if nothing had changed and the racial tension was higher among students.

Monday the mother says her son was ‘’nudged’’ in the hallway and then stared down by the same student as they walked away.


Stock image. Not actual Lexington Catholic student. G. Herbert / AP

Stock image. Not actual Lexington Catholic student. G. Herbert / AP

‘’Then I saw [The Key Newsjournal] story that Dr. Roger Cleveland had not agreed to work with the school,’’ she said. ‘’I called and said my son does not feel safe here and I asked for independent study so he can finish his classwork away from there. I didn’t know if some student was trying to avenge the suspension of the first one and may do something to my son in retaliation just because he’s Black.’’

The mother says this is a horrible disruption to their lives. She has to coordinate exams with his teachers and her son is the loser in all of this. ‘’It’s like he’s in isolation and being penalized. He had a few friends there and now can’t spend his last few weeks at that school with them. ‘’

She has also retained Attorney Amos Jones, who also represents Denisha Vinegar whose son has been the victim of lynching threats by a fellow football teammate. A police report was filed and charges were brought against the boy in that case and he has been suspended.


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