Mother Slams Portofino’s Manager with Civil Lawsuit

Originally posted online Nov. 23, 2016 2:30p

Attorney files appeal to AG against Lexington Police
By Patrice K. Muhammad

Abigail Gates has filed a civil lawsuit against Portofino’s Manager Michael Robinson claiming he battered and falsely imprisoned her daughter.

Ms. Gates lawsuit, filed November 23, follows her police report of November 6 which both accuse Robinson of attacking her daughter in downtown Lexington on the evening of November 5 after she left the Main St. building which houses Portofino’s restaurant.

That night, Lexington Police officers responded to a call in front of Central Christian Church which is around the block from Portofino’s restaurant. Police dispatch audio describes the incident as “a male White attacking a female Black near Central Christian Church”.

Gates’ eleven-page lawsuit claims Robinson physically attacked the minor girl, without consent, in downtown Lexington and as a result she sustained multiple injuries, mental pain, humiliation, suffering and embarrassment.

The civil suit says Gates’ daughter was treated at St. Joseph Hospital East on November 5-6 for her injuries.

Robinson, who is an adult, is also accused in the suit of unlawfully and forcibly restraining Gates’ daughter in downtown Lexington.

County Attorney Larry Roberts has not yet charged Robinson criminally. Lexington’s Police investigation is said to be on-going.

The Gates family attorney, William Davis, has prepared an appeal directed to the State Attorney General Andy Beshear.

Davis asserts that he has been unjustly denied several items that he has requested from the Division of Police as counsel for the Gates family.

In the appeal, Davis writes that the records custodian telephoned and he was asked him to submit additional authorizations by Ms. Gates and a witness to obtain the recordings and files requested. “In compliance, I submitted the required notarized authorizations…nonetheless, I was denied,’’ Davis states in the Appeal. 

Lexington’s Police Department has even denied Davis access to surveillance camera footage that was said to have been shown to Ms. Gates and her previous attorney as well as the attorney for Mr. Robinson and Portofino’s.

The Key Newsjournal will continue to follow this story.

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