Key Newsjournal Endorses Reginald Thomas

Posted December 2, 2013

Reginald Thomas

Reginald Thomas

13th State Senate Special Election – Reginald Thomas –D

The choice to endorse Reginald Thomas was an easy one. Thomas has been a loyal Democrat for more than 40 years and has the full support of the party including Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, Attorney General Jack Conway as well as current and former State Auditors Adam Edelen and Crit Luellen. Three of Louisville’s seated Democratic Senators sponsored and attended Thomas’ fundraiser in that city. It is impressive that Thomas has been endorsed by those that the citizens have put into office. He is well known and well respected.

It was not lost on us that Thomas has a law degree from Harvard University and is very good at articulating his ideas and points. He represents himself well and will do the same for this community.

In any conversation on politics, Thomas is the clear expert. He knows local political history and understands the complexities of the law.

In a race where none of the candidates have political experience at a level equal to or near the Kentucky State Senate, Thomas appears to have the requisite knowledge of how government works and the connections to make sound decisions on our behalf.

Thomas has been loyal to his party. There is no doubt about his alignment with the Democratic values. Thomas’ support of expanded gaming and his objection to charter schools seem to be straight from the Democratic handbook.

His passion for reducing the double digit unemployment of the East End and his support for the automatic restoration of voting rights shows how in tune Thomas is with the concerns of this community. He seems quite capable of making an impact in Frankfort.

By his work on PTA that resulted in the building of a new Bryan Station High School, Thomas showed his ability to deliver. His work on the boards of Commerce Lexington and KCTCS show that Reginald Thomas is well connected in many areas of our community.

Thomas seems to have the “politician’’ stump speech down and is a good campaigner. We will watch to make sure that he turns into a “representative’’ of his constituents when in Frankfort.

Republican challenger Michael Johnson is not ready for a position of this magnitude. In his Key Conversations Radio interview, he classified himself as “a slow learner’’ when asked why his Party has not backed him with their dollars.

Johnson’s “I’m not a politician’’ mantra gives reason to question his motivation for running. Is his campaign merely a mission to spread the Republican philosophy throughout the Black community?  Why have many large money donors like the Ball family, who traditionally donate to Republicans, given money to Independent candidate Richard Moloney instead? There are too many unanswered questions surrounding Johnson’s bolt from the Democratic Party and his meteoric rise to become the Republican nominee in this race.

Johnson seems genuinely concerned about the people of the 13th district. He is probably best suited to be an advocate who takes the issues of his community to the politicians he’s connected with.

Richard Moloney’s sudden break from the Democratic Party is questionable also. He has said that the Democratic Party of today is not the one he joined years ago. If that is the case, surely the drastic change happened more than 2 months ago. Moloney unnecessarily made this a three person race by not accepting his party’s choice of Reginald Thomas.

Thomas said that he wants to be known as a good Senator. We think that he should be the next Senator of the 13th District.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to our guest editorial board members: Sean Edwards, Andrea James, Mekha McGuire and Rev. Maxine Thomas. The guest board was convened by Key Newsjournal Publisher LaMaughn Muhammad and Editor Patrice Muhammad. Member Tra’Sean James was not a contributor for this endorsement.  The Key Newsjournal will expand the board for the 2014 Elections that include city council, mayor and US Senate. 


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