Dear Candidate

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Posted online May 9, 2016


    Dear Candidate,

Ask me what it would take for you to earn my vote. I promise, I’ll tell you. And if you deliver, I’ll vote for you.


Patrice Muhammad, Disengaged Voter and Editor of The Key Newsjournal

The Republican caucus has passed; the Democratic primary is coming soon.

So far, no one has asked me for my vote.

No door knocks, no phone call, no personal letter has come to my home.

No radio ad, tv ad or print ad has featured Blacks or specific Black concerns.

No letter to the editor of The Key Newsjournal. No call for interview time on Key Conversations.

No candidate has come for me or my vote.

I have decided that I will not cast an obligatory vote come November and neither should you.

If you are interested in a candidate, contact them and let them know what concerns you have that you feel they can best address.

Encourage them to publicly address your concerns because they are probably the concerns of several people.

If they don’t come for us, we should not go to the polls uninvited.

Make the candidates earn our votes.

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