Attorney Change for Love-Higgins Before Grand Jury Hearing


Sasha Love Higgins in her first Council Report video. Filmed at Cove Haven Cemetery in the 2nd District. Posted 3/14/17.

Originally posted online: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:55p

By Patrice K. Muhammad

Councilwoman Sasha Love Higgins has confirmed that she is “unfortunately” no longer represented by Attorney William L. Davis and has retained new legal counsel to fight felony charges brought against her by Lexington Police.

“I think Mr. Davis is phenomenal. I know that he has worked hard to get us where we are in this case,’’ said the embattled Councilwoman in her first comment to a media outlet.

Speaking exclusively to The Key Newsjournal, Higgins says she is now represented by Atty. Fred E. Peters, who could not be reached for confirmation or comment.

Just Thursday, the Second District Councilwoman stood with former attorney William Davis and waived her right to a preliminary hearing.

A grand jury will decide whether there is enough evidence to indict Higgins on the felony charges of Forgery 2nd, Theft by Deception and Theft of Identity related to allegations stemming from her employment as a General Manager of a local hotel. Higgins is accused of setting up a payroll account in the name of a past employee of the hotel and withdrawing the funds from that account for herself.

On Feb. 28, Davis entered a not guilty plea on behalf of Higgins.

Before today, Higgins made her only public statement related to this incident via social media. On Feb. 8th she posted, “I was recently given a citation to appear before court and address the details of this case. I have retained an attorney to assist me with this and look forward to working hard to clear my name.’’

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